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Support Luke Tomlinson as your missionary to Gen Z.


Luke serves as the HowToLife UK / Global Coordinator.  Your support makes a big impact on reaching, discipling and mobilizing Gen Z young people for Christ!




Hey everyone! My name is Luke Tomlinson, UK/Global Coordinator with HowToLife Movement!


I am building a team of people who are excited to have me as their missionary to today’s teenagers — Generation Z.


It can be discouraging to witness our generation today and feel there is no hope. According to recent statistics from the Barna Group, only 4% of Generation Z hold a biblical worldview, and even about 3 in 5 self-identified Christian teens have not made a personal commitment to follow Jesus.


We need a spiritual awakening among today’s young people. My generation desperately needs Jesus. Without this, the future of our generation, nations, and world is unthinkable. We are one generation away from becoming those who completely “forgot God.”


Thank God He is raising up a global youth movement of young people living boldly for Him and equipping them to take gospel action!


HowToLife Movement is a Christian non-profit organisation with a mission to reach, disciple, and mobilise the next generation for Christ. We are making a significant impact by working with young people across the United States and worldwide, equipping and empowering them to plan student-led evangelistic outreach events to share the gospel with their peers.


There is no more significant influence on today’s teenagers than their friends, something that perhaps can often be viewed as negative. However, we are seeing this transform lives for Jesus! As John Mott said, “No other generation but ours can evangelise the present generation.”


I am asking you to join me in this effort. This work is only made possible through the generosity and faithful partnership of people like you! I still need several more committed prayer warriors and monthly donors to become fully supported. Will you join Team Luke as a monthly supporter? Your giving enables me to be on the front lines daily as your missionary to Generation Z.

Yes, Luke!  I want to help send you to a generation that needs Jesus!

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