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Over 700 students attended the first HowToLife event, March 2015.

Students representing dozens of churches, and many regional junior high and high schools, were impacted through student-led worship, drama, videos, and student “hope stories.”  Every person on the stage was a student.

The Gospel was clearly presented, and an opportunity was given to begin a relationship with Jesus.  When the invitation was given, over 75 students came forward to declare a new beginning with Christ.

Canyon said, “I saw God touch so many people, one of my best friends was there and when we prayed, he put his trust in God.”



Students in other area high schools quickly wanted in, and it didn’t take long for the movement to spread.

In year two, over 2,000 students attended four HowToLife events held in other Arkansas communities in Arkansas, and into Missouri.

More and more students were hearing about HowToLife, all asking the same question, “How can HowToLife come to my community?”

Over the next few years, the movement has exploded, with students mobilizing and hosting their own HowToLife outreach events in over 20 different U.S. states, from coast to coast.

Thousands of young people have attended.  Student leaders have stepped up. And many of their peers have made commitments to Christ!



In Fall 2018, the first International HowToLife events took place in central England, and Hamburg, Germany.  Since then, events have also taken place in France, Mexico, and Canada – bringing the total countries to six.  Many other students around the world have begun to mobilize for events in their parts of the world.



HowToLife Movement is aggressively seeking to capture today’s technology to impact this Generation with biblical truth.

Through Instagram, YouTube videos, and the HowToLife app for smartphones, HowToLife is reaching and discipling thousands of young people with life-changing videos, articles, and more.

Christian student leaders are using this technology to share their stories and key principles of following Jesus with their generation.


This digital online conference in December 2020 impacted 1,000 registered Gen Z young people, participating from 47 U.S. states, and close to 40 countries from around the world.  Leaders of the Z Conference include National and International Gen Z influencers -- with a combined following of over 8 million followers.  Many lives were profoundly changed through this event.


HowToLife Movement will continue to reach, disciple, and mobilze Gen Z young people for Christ in north America and around the world.  Now based out of Chicago, Illinois, HowToLife Movement is seeing growth in 3 key programs:

1.  Youth-Led Evangelism Events

2.  Leadership Retreats and Conferences

5.  Digital Media Ministry

Through much prayer, the vision is to see this movement continue to spread throughout the world, impacting an entire generation with the Gospel.

Discover more of these 3 programs by exploring WHAT WE DO.


“I realized I had a year and a half left of high school, and I wanted to make it count for Jesus.”

In the winter of 2015, Jordan Whitmer began to mobilize his peers, with a vision of reaching many of their friends for Jesus.

Through much prayer and planning, several teenage leaders developed a simple idea:  Putting on a completely student-led outreach, to share Jesus with their friends!

Students listen to their friends more than any other voice.  If peers are their greatest influence, Whitmer and his friends wanted to leverage that influence for the Gospel.

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