HowtoLife Movement equips students around the world reach their friends for Jesus

Young people around the world are very lost.


Depending on the country, there can be as little as less than 1% of today’s

young people who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Often, there is very little evangelical youth ministry taking place.


Christian teenagers who DO hear about HOWTOLIFE, get excited!  


HowToLife Movement is in contact with young people around the world, who are passionate about seeing the Gospel impact their generation with the Gospel.



HowToLife is emerging as a GLOBAL movement. Teenagers from around the world are hearing about the simple concept of praying, planning, and leading “student-led events” to reach their peers with the Good News of Jesus.


Successful events have taken place in Germany, England, France, Mexico, and Canada, where lives have been profoundly changed!


Also, Students have been taking HowToLife materials and translating into multiple languages, including German, Spanish, French, and more!

Other students have expressed interest in HowToLife from Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, and more.  As HowToLife leaders meet with these students, the battle cry is consistent: ‘Our Generation is in trouble. Our only hope is Jesus!’


It is a big world, with millions of teenagers.  We must go to the ends of the earth, to share the Good News of Jesus with our generation!


Your gift will help!  


Donate now, to help make possible the international expansion of HOWTOLIFE Movement®!


Money is needed to respond to open doors for HowToLife around the world.  Your gift of $50, $100, $200, or $1,000, will cover travel and event expenses, and enable students to further reach and impact their generation for Jesus!

2020 goal:  $20,000


Equipping Young Leaders to Reach Our Generation for Jesus


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