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Thank you for taking a minute to learn
more about HowToLife Movement.


This movement began when my friends and I
planned a completely student-led event in 2015
to reach our friends for Christ. 


Since then, over 140 events have taken place in 28 U.S. States, and 8 countries, and growing!  Thousands of Gen Z young people have been impacted with the Gospel.

HowToLife Movement is paradigm shifting, in that student leaders are empowered to plan, prepare, and put on an event to reach their friends with the Gospel.

HowToLife Movement is deeply passionate about partnering with local churches. As an organization, we are so grateful for the support of many churches, youth pastors, and ministry leaders who continue to support what God is doing through Gen Z student leaders.

If you’re not familiar with this ministry, and may be wondering if this is legitimate and worthy of your support, we invite you to explore this website to learn more. 

Our hope is you’ll discover HowToLIfe Movement receives a high degree of trust from many ministry partners and connections you will recognize.  Please see our list of ministry partners.  And this list of news and media interviews.

If a student leader has approached you, to request you consider becoming a “participating church” for a HowToLife event, this is what that means:

A participating church will support a local HowToLife student leadership team, by…

  • Bringing youth to the event.

  • Encouraging your youth to invite their lost friends to come with them to the event.

  • Promoting the event.

  • Possibly hosting the event at your facility for little to no cost.


As a participating church, your job is simply to cheerlead, pray, and encourage student leaders to take the lead to reach their friends for Jesus. 


Then show up at the event with your students, sit in the back, and watch God at work!


The results continue to be life-changing.  Gen Z student leaders will grow in their boldness for Christ.  Lost young people find Jesus.


Following the event, all participating churches will get a detailed list of commitments to Christ.  We continue to count on local church leaders to assist with follow-up, and helping new believers get plugged into vibrant local churches and church youth ministries.

Finally, some local churches have chosen to help support the HowToLife local event financially, by giving through youth budgets, missions budgets, local offerings, or more.  Information on Donating to HowToLIfe Movement can be found here.


If you have questions, please reach out to us, and we’ll do our best to respond.  You can email Sarah.Stroud (at) 

Thank you for your partnership!


God bless you,



Jordan Whitmer

Founder C.E.O.

HowToLife Movement


VERY IMPORTANT:  Please watch this Youth Worker Explainer Video.  

Youth Workers / Pastors / Ministry Leaders
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