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HowToLife is a fast-growing global youth movement of students to reach, disciple, and mobilize Gen Z for Jesus.

Your heart will break over a new study from George Barna, where he reports, “Generation Z is the Least Christian Generation in American History.”


  Here are some sobering conclusions --

  • 35% of Generation Z teens consider themselves to be atheist, agnostic, or not affiliated with any religion.

  • Only one out of three agree with the statement, “Lying is morally wrong.”

  • Only 4% of today’s teenagers hold a biblical worldview.


  These aren’t just statistics.  These represent lives of our generation.  I invite you to feel the brokenness of today’s youth.  The hurt. The pain. The lostness.

  So, how can we fix this?  How can we reverse these trends?  What we need is a spiritual awakening in today’s young people.  Our generation desperately needs Jesus.

        If a spiritual awakening DOESN’T HAPPEN, the future for this generation, this nation, and our world, is unthinkable.  We are one generation away from becoming a world that completely “forgot God.”

  Thank God He is raising up a movement!  HowToLife is a proven strategy that works.  The right message, the Gospel, is delivered through the right messengers – high school student leaders.  And God is transforming hearts.

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Please join us, in this battle for the hearts and lives of Generation Z.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To Reach, Disciple, and Mobilize Gen Z young people for Christ in North America and around the world.

Our Vision

To see a generation of young people rescuing the lost, making disciples, loving God, and loving people -- fulfilling the Great Commission.

We Need Your Support Today!

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