Jordan Whitmer, Founder / Executive Director, HowToLife Movement ®

     As a member of Generation “Z”, Jordan is uniquely positioned to impact his Generation with the Gospel.  Jordan has grown up in a multi-generational ministry family. He is a graduate of Liberty University, with a Bachelor’s in Religion: Biblical and Theological Studies, and is an ordained reverend.

     As a frequent speaker at churches and conferences, Whitmer challenges both young people and adults to join Jesus in fulfilling His Great Commission.  He has been the subject of numerous local and national media appearances for radio, television, and print.

     Jordan is passionate about mobilizing student leaders around the world to impact their generation for Christ.  He travels frequently, and can often be seen at Starbucks mentoring and encouraging young people to boldly lead for Jesus.

National Leaders

NEED to know who these are, and how people can help FUND these leaders.  


We need titles, and how people can give to help support them, with links to iDonate pages. Includes any staff members raising support, and those raising just expenses for travel, etc.

Local Student Leaders

The strength of HowToLife is in the army of local student leaders who step up to serve in various capacities.  Students serve at the local level as Presidents, and team leaders.


(need photos here, but no links for donations)

Board of Directors

HowToLife Movement is governed by a seasoned team of adult, board of directors.

        Jordan R. Whitmer, Chairman / C.E.O., HowToLife Movement

        Richard D. Whitmer, Senior Director of Mobilization, Ron Hutchcraft Ministries,  (Secretary)

        Ralf Stores, U.S. Director of Media Development & Services, Trans World Radio.

        John Hancock, Owner-Operator, Trinity Nutrition Center.

        Bob Johnson, Assoc. Missionary Liaison & Sunday School Consultant, Arkansas Baptist State Convention


Equipping Young Leaders to Reach Our Generation for Jesus


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