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Rescue and Disciple masses of young people through media

According to Common Sense Media, teenagers today spend

an average of nine hours a day online.

Today’s generation of young people are desperate for life

wisdom, and they are turning to HowToLife Movement

for help.  HOWTOLIFE knows how to effectively reach

teenagers with biblical truth that is changing lives.

HowToLife Movement Digital Media outlets:


YouTube Channel


HowToLife Smartphone App

Gen Z Today Podcast

Online Digital Conference:  The Z Conf

HowToLife is helping young people around the world...

       Choose to follow Jesus

       Live for Jesus and grow in that relationship

       Reach others for Jesus

All HowToLife Movement online content is shared through by young people, for young people.  The same approach that has worked so well for HowToLife events, also works online!

HowToLife Movement ® is excited to see online digital content impact thousands of young people with HOPE, further accomplishing the goal of impacting today’s generation for Jesus.

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