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Gen Z Today Podcast!

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Living and Leading for Jesus in our Generation

Gen Z Today helps you discover practical ways to boldly live and lead for Christ.  Grow in your spiritual journey and make a difference with your life, especially when it comes to the Great Commission.  Gen Z leader Jordan Whitmer has weekly conversations with influential Gen Z voices from around the world.  “Gen Z Today” delivers encouragement for a generation looking for confident hope in Jesus.

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Meet the Host

Jordan Whitmer

Jordan Whitmer, age 24, is the Founder and C.E.O. of the HowToLife Movement ministry and the Z Conference, which equip Gen Z young people to make a difference for Jesus Christ around the world. 


He is a graduate of Liberty University with a bachelor's degree in Biblical and Theological Studies. 


Jordan is an ordained reverend (his friends call him “The Rev”), loves to travel, and enjoys studying history. 


Follow him on Instagram at @JordanWhitmer

and TikTok @JordanRWhitmer.

Gen Z Today Podcast is sponsored by HowToLife Movement®, and is made possible by the generous donations of friends like you.

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