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CBN 700 Club: Carrying the Torch of Faith for Generation Z


HowToLife Movement is a global Gen-Z (people born between 1997 – 2012 whose age range is between 11 and 26 years old) led missions and evangelism ministry that reaches, disciples, and mobilizes teens for Jesus. Jordan started the organization as a junior in high school. “I realized I had a year and a half left of high school, and I wanted to make it count for Jesus.”

In 2015, Jordan began to plan/organize with his peers a student-led outreach to share the Gospel. The first HowToLife event was successful with over 700 students in attendance. Students in other area high schools quickly wanted in. Over the next few years, the movement exploded, with students mobilizing and hosting their own HowToLife outreach events.

After being on The 700 Club in 2017, a man in England saw Pat’s interview with Jordan about the HowToLife movement. The man shared the information with his son who began to pursue having an event in their community. As a result, in the fall of 2018, the first International HowToLife event took place in central England. Since HowToLife began, student events have been held in over 25 states from coast to coast and six countries. Thousands of young people have attended, and many have made commitments to Christ.

Read the rest of the article on CBN website: Carrying the Torch of Faith for Generation Z

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