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Jordan for web siteGreetings!

My name is Jordan Whitmer, and I am a high school student.  I am passionate about working together with my peers, to reach our generation for Jesus.

From the beginning of the #HowToLife Movement, I have met with numerous church leaders.  The overwhelming response to this Kingdom effort has been incredible.

The #HowToLife Movement seeks to work directly with and alongside the local church.  We understand the importance of this partnership for long term discipleship and spiritual growth.

We believe that #HowToLife Movement will help motivate and encourage young people in your churchBransonHowToLife-0233 to live boldly for Jesus!

We would be honored to partner with you.

Here are 5 ways for you and your church to help students stand for Jesus:

  1. Please PRAY. This student-led movement is fueled by the prayers of God’s people.  Pray that God will rise up a generation of young people who will live boldly for Jesus.  Encourage your church to pray!

  2. ENCOURAGE students in your church to get involved! #HowToLife gives students a MISSION, with the tools they need to impact their school with the Gospel.

  3. Please SUBSCRIBE to the #HowToLife email updates. Let’s keep in touch!

  4. PARTICIPATE – when a #HowToLife event is scheduled in your area, please mobilize, bring students, attend, and…

  5. GIVEMany churches have stepped up to support #HowToLife financially. Please consider investing in the next generation through #HowToLife.



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