Student Quotes


Branson, Missouri

“How to Life brought me closer to God more than I ever anticipated!  BransonHowToLife-0548After I helped two girls rededicate themselves to Christ, I felt like I had a new bond with them and with Christ that I’ve never felt before. It was so powerful and I’m extremely thankful for the experience!”

Sami, 10th

“I saw God bring many people to Christ through all of the hard work and dedication by all of the students!”

Ryan, 10th

BransonHowToLife-0311“What did I see God do at #HTL? I saw him touch a lot of hearts, including mine. It encouraged me to see so many people declaring their love for Christ!”

Gracelyn, 11th

“I had the privilege of sitting down with a Branson 8th BransonHowToLife-0547grader who needed someone to talk to about his faith in Christ. At first it was an awkward conversation, but after we talked for a while we were both very thankful for each other’s encouragement. I look forward to how God might use me in his life!”

Johnny, 12th

“God really reminded me that his love is everlasting. No matter what I do and how far I push him away, he is always right by me holding on tight! God’s love will never fail and through him, I will never fail! :)”

Natalie, 11th

BransonHowToLife-0536“I saw many people start or renew their relationship with God, and many people who already had a faith grew from the event.”

Jeremy, 12th

“I saw God soften harden hearts and change lives!”

Jhonny, 12th

“At #HOWTOLIFE I saw God work in so many people’s lives mainly through worship. There were so many people with their hands up just praising God, most of them were also in tears. It was so awesome to see God through that. BransonHowToLife-0387 I also had friends that usually don’t go to church, and have been slipping away from God grow much closer, ending in tears and joining in a prayer circle with other friends at the end of the night.”

Kailee, 12th

BransonHowToLife-0544“I saw God show people how to be honest with themselves and their sin!”

Joshuwa, 12th

“This was a great opportunity to get our peers involved in an event centered around Christ.”

Raleigh, 12th Grade

I loved every part of this event & I hope to become a part of this event for years to come.  BransonHowToLife-0567Thanks again for coming up with this idea & letting me be apart of it!!!

Hally, 10th


Harrison, Arkansas

#HTL-164“At #HowToLife I saw God, spiritually moving in so many people , and just really working in hearts, and changing so many lives.”

Callie, 9th Grade

“God did some pretty amazing things at #HowToLife. He worked through us in some mighty ways. The words spoken and the stories told affected so many people. Being that they were told by teenagers, people could really relate.  Sooo many people came up to begin or rededicated their relationship with Christ. This movement touched the lives of many. It is the talk of the school! People keep asking me when the next one is and how the event impacted their lives. #HowToLife was life changing. God is Amazing!”

Amber, 9th Grade

“God was seriously all over. He was welcomed into people’s life’s that had completely shut Him out #HTL-25before. God provided wisdom and words to everyone who spoke. He blessed the lives of many teens.  As much as people were scared to show their faith, God still touched their hearts in a way that made them push through and to stand up. #HowToLife changed many lives. I’ve already seen some changes at school and it may just be my new perspective on everything, but I feel that this movement will be the greatest thing for our region, and for everywhere.”

Kim, 10th Grade

“I saw a spark of hope for the community. It brought together different denominations and different people together for God. I also thought it was so awesome to see people there who have claimed to believe in nothing at all, because even if they were there for their friend, they were exposed. It just takes someone planting that seed in their life. It was such an awesome experience.”


Amber, 12th Grade

“I saw hundreds of students worshipping The Lord and 75 people come to know him for the first time. I saw lives change and hearts become broken for God. The girls I counseled that night were so embarrassed to cry but what I told them is that when God breaks your heart, he breaks the old ugly #HTL-247chains that keep it together. And when he breaks it he puts it back together to love like he loves you. Crying is a beautiful thing when you realize how great God is. HowToLife was incredible and I can’t thank you  enough for letting me be a part of it.  :)”
Tatum, 10th grade
“God worked though us to put on HowToLife. I think that it help the believers grow in their faith and it’s was so great that’s god worked though us to lead people to Christ. I had so many people text me after the event and tell me what HowToLife did for them. They told me that it was really deep and it was like a wake-up call.”

Ellaina, 9th Grade

#HTL-330“At HowToLife, I saw God give the bravery to so many young people to come up and seek renewal in their hearts. God worked through all of us and people are so excited to live a life for Him. HowToLife opened so many eyes including mine. I’ve gotten many texts from people who are struggling telling me how inspiring and helpful HowToLife was.”

Brynn, 9th Grade

#HTL-277“I saw God touch so many people, one of my best friends was there and when we prayed and he put his trust in God. I saw a relief in him to know that he had someone to go to whenever something happens that would cause him to get upset or be stressed.”

Canyon, 11th Grade

“I saw God bring together and touch the hearts of hundreds of kids from around Arkansas in an epic get-together of the family of Christ!”

Brett, 12th Grade

“How to life was such a great experience and I am so happy I had the chance to get to be a part of it. This event gave God the opportunity to speak to people who otherwise, may never give him the chance throughout their normal day. God can reveal himself to people at any moment he chooses, but I think God was waiting for this to happen.#HTL-49 God’s love was really revealed through the skits, testimonies, and loving atmosphere. God spoke through so many people, and softened the hearts of the ones who were listening. He stood ready, with arms wide open, to embrace all the ones who finally broke their walls down and allowed their hearts to be touched. Furthermore, for the people who were already at a good place with Him, He encouraged us to keep pursuing and reminded us, that becoming a Christian, despite the struggles, is the best decision we will ever make.  I think it is safe to say that HowToLife opened the door for people to see how big God’s love is and that nobody left there without knowing how much God loves them.”
Stacey, 11th Grade