High School Students

Jordan for web site

Jordan Whitmer, Founder, #HowToLife,
H.S. Senior

Hey!  Thanks for checking this out!

Every day at my high school, I see lost people who know nothing about Jesus, and church kids who don’t live for Him.

Does that sound like your school, too?

When Christian students unite together, we can make a powerful impact for Jesus at our schools.

That’s what #HowToLife is all about!

Here are 3 ACTION STEPS —

  • Please PRAY.  Pray specifically how God might use you to reach your world for Jesus.
  • Please FOLLOW our instagram page —  @howtolifemovement
  • MOBILIZE Christian students in your community and host a #HowToLife event!

BransonHowToLife-0233This may feel like a big step, but it is very doable!

Does this describes you?

      • Do you have a passionate HEART for God?
      • Are you BURDENED for the spiritual condition of the students in your school?
      • Are you a LEADER?  

If that’s you, and you’d like to EXPLORE what it might take to see #HowToLife BransonHowToLife-0301happen in your community, please contact us with the form below.  We will begin to walk you through a process that is doable, and can make a powerful impact for Jesus.

We’re praying for you!

Jordan, for the #HowToLife Leadership Team



You can contact us through e-mail:  info@howtolifemovement.com

Or, Direct Message (DM) us on Instagram:  @howtolifemovement

And we’ll get back to you right away.