Jordan for web siteThank you for caring about a generation of teenagers!  


My name is Jordan Whitmer, a senior in high school, and founder of the HowToLife Movement.

We all know about the problems with young people today.  But hopefully you’re here because you want to see a powerful move of God among teenagers.

Please dream with us – about a Jesus generation of young people who are bold for Christ, and who love God with a passion.

I have good news!  A movement has begun, and it is spreading!BransonHowToLife-0233

How can you be involved?


Here are 4 easy ways adults can make a difference in the lives of teenagers through #HowToLife:

  1. Please PRAY.  This student-led movement is fueled by the prayers of God’s people.  Pray that God will rise up a generation of young people who will live boldly for Jesus.

  2. Please SUBSCRIBE to the #HowToLife email updates.  Let’s keep in touch!

    3. SPREAD THE WORD.  Please use your influence to let others know about #HowToLife Movement.  Share this website.  Let your church and other caring adults hear what is going on.  If you have any influence over a Christian teenager, please encourage them to get involved!   (link to student get involved sub page)

    4. GIVE.  We believe that students today are in the best position to reach our generation for Christ.  But we can’t do it without the generous support of adults like you.  Will you please give a gift today?  Your donation will make it possible for students like us to impact our generation for Christ!


 To go to our online giving page:
Please Donate

Thank you so much!  We appreciate you!