#HowToLife Movement is all about high-school students like you, mobilizing and hosting your own local outreach event, so you can impact the spiritual lives of your friends for Jesus!

We are #HowToLife — a fast-growing movement of Christian teenagers.  BransonHowToLife-8267

We want to see our generation stand for Jesus.  We are burdened that our lost friends know so little about Jesus.  It saddens us when so many church friends don’t live for Jesus.  

The key is students reaching students — because your friends will listen to you!


Here is how God is using HowToLIfe Movement:

1. Local Student-led Outreach Events

#HowToLife Movement events are gatherings of young people led by you!  A #HowToLife Movement event is simply a contemporary, effective religious service, featuring local high school students leading worship, dramas, and speaking.  Every event is evangelistically focused, and concludes with a clear presentation of the Gospel.  Students are invited to respond publicly to stand for Jesus.  God uses every event to impact the spiritual lives of many students!

Starting in 2015, #HowToLife Movement events have taken place or are being planned now — across the United States, and in Germany and England.



2. National Student-Leadership Retreats

#HowToLife Movement gathers together student-leaders from across the country for regional and national Leadership retreats.  These retreats are designed for training, growth, and enhancing the spiritual lives of our student leaders.





3. Social Media

Through the social media platforms of Instagram and YouTube, HowToLife Movement is enhancing the spiritual lives of young people around the world.  Young people are sharing their stories online, to encourage a generation to stand and live for Jesus.

@HowToLife Movement – Instagram

YouTube – HowToLife Movement

Link:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYw_Clu88gZLIcXixhvzLYw

If you’re a high school student, and you want to make a greater impact for Jesus, please consider joining the #HowToLife Movement.  Please contact us!  

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